Contemporary Nutrition Handbook for Home and Hospice Care, First Edition, 2012. 


This handbook provides assessment tools, current guidelines for nutrition and resources for home health and hospice care. Designed to assist in providing palliative nutrition care (Comfort rather than Cure) and guidelines specific to home health and hospice. First of its kind to include Nutrition Interventions for ALS, HIV/AIDS, Cancer and more.  Includes MyPlate, Dietary Guidelines 2010, Food Safety and other educational handouts. Loose leaf Binder, 250 Pages. 


Contemporary Nutrition Guide--Nutrition Education & Diet Management Resource, Second Edition, 2015.


Newly revised is essential for nutrition education and diet instruction in Registered Dietitian and physician offices, health clinics, hospitals, home health agencies, health care centers and all nutrition education settings. Designed as a companion to the Contemporary Nutrition and Diet Handbook—a manual for dietitians. 
Medical Nutritional Therapy (50+ diets) and nutrition education for health and wellness, sports, weight management, and cardiac, renal, diabetic, or gastrointestinal conditions plus more. Features “copy-ready” materials (nutrient lists, food safety, preparation, shopping,  DASH, etc.), websites and references. Loose leaf Binder, 450 pages. Also available on CD.



Resources for Nutrition Professionals

Contemporary Nutrition and Diet Handbook, Fifth Edition, 2013.


Recently revised resource for acute care hospitals, health care centers, nutrition education, and college nutrition classes. User friendly and easy to read. New features include: Nutrition and Liver Disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Cancer and Neutropenic Diet. Features diets not found in traditional diet manuals: Expanded Renal, Respiratory, Failure, Consistent Carbohydrate, Ostomies and Food Safety Section. Also includes Growth and BMI Charts and Commercial Supplement List.
Loose-leaf, 400 pages. Copyright Protected.